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The Arthur Harris statue in London was unveiled in the face of widespread criticism.

Press release June 2012


"From the time when the first experiments were made in air power during the First World War, until the great Bomber Command attack on Dresden, and the discharge of the first atomic bomb by the USAF thirty years later, the whole development and direction of strategic bombing was a highly and continuously controversial matter. The controversy raged over the whole field of the offensive which embraces questions of strategic desirability, operational possibility, economic, industrial and moral vulnerability, and legal and moral responsibility."
Official History of the Strategic Offensive against Germany 1939-1945

"From the story of our bombing during the past eighteen months only a mental or moral lunatic could fail to draw the conclusion that modern war and modern civilisation are utterly incompatible, and that one or the other must go."
Vera Brittain 1944. |more