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The only power plant in Gaza destroyed by Israeli US funded F16s.



The Final Frontier - America, Science and Terror. Dominick Jenkins. 2002.

Three Guineas. Virginia Woolf. 1938.

A History of Bombing. Sven Lindqvist. 2001.

Among the Dead Cities. A C Grayling. 2006.

The Rise of American Air Power. Michael S Sherry.

Inferno the Devastation of Hamburg. Richard Holmes. 2007.

One Voice - pacifist writings from the Second World War. Vera Brittain. 2005.
Contains text of Seed of Chaos

Ethics and Air Power in WW2 the British Bombing of German Cities. Stephen A Garrett. 1993.

Dresden. Fredrick Taylor. 2004.

Bomber. Len Deighton. 1970.

Bomber Command. Max Hastings. 1979.

To Destroy a City - Strategic Bombing and its consequences in World War 2. Herman Knell. 2003.

Bomber Country- lost airmen of World War 2. Daniel Swift. 2010

The Fire - the bombing of Germany 1940-1945. Jorg Friedrich. 2006.

The Bomb - a life. Gerald De Groot. 2000.

The Making of the Atomic Bomb. Richard Rhodes. 1986.

Atomic Diplomacy: Hiroshima and Potsdam. Gar Alperovitz. 1994.