This afternoon conference follows on from the PPU's annual general meeting in the morning. The AGM is aimed at PPU members (though you can join on the day!). The conference in the afternoon is open to all.

PPU Annual General Meeting

12.30 - 5.00 (including lunch break)
Conference: Remember & Resist

Cost: £14 (£7 if you're on a low income) - includes lunch!


Any questions? Call us on 020 7424 9444 or email

PPU members protesting against the corwn prince of Saudi Arabia

Want to promote peace in your area but wondering where to start?

Running a campaign already but aiming to network with others?

Keen to challenge militarism at university?

Inspired by the pacifists and suffrage activists of 100 years ago and hoping to follow their example?

Join us for a day of training and discussion, as we explore ideas and develop skills for nonviolent resistance to war and militarism in our own communities.

It’s 100 years since the end of World War One and the partial success of the Votes for Women campaign. But the “war to end all wars” only triggered more wars, while campaigns for equality and peace are as vital as ever.

Sessions will explore topics such as:

• Building a local peace campaign: Learn from activists around Britain

• Military-free education: Challenging militarism in schools and universities

• Gender, sexuality and militarism: Resisting the army’s new attempts to recruit women and LGBT people

• Learning from the past for the sake of the future: Lessons from the suffrage campaigners and peace activists of 100 years ago

The conference follows the annual general meeting of the Peace Pledge Union.

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Please note a vegetarian lunch will be provided. Do get in touch with us if you have any other requirements. You can email or call us on 020 7424 9444

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