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Until recently our archives have grow largely by donations of material, but we now feel it important and urgent to actively seek documentary information about the experiences of COs, their friends, their families and their supporters. Of course, our existing archives already hold a wealth of such material: letters, diaries, photographs, and a great variety of printed documents, including statements to tribunals. These archives are well-used by researchers from all over the world – including academics, students, authors and people seeking information about their relatives.

While a number of institutions also hold this kind of material not one of them has a programme dedicated to collecting and increasing the resources. Not one actively gives prominence to CO archive material, let alone produces study and teaching resources based on it.

We think it’s particularly important that young people become aware of the rich and varied history of war resistance. One very effective way to achieve this is through the voices of the COs themselves. To this end we are now seeking COs who would be willing to be interviewed on camera. This filmed material would join our ever-expanding archive, but we also hope that some interviewees will let us use extracts on a new DVD we are designing specifically for use in schools.

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