Spring 2015
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Thank you to all of you who have helped to make 2014 the year when we distributed close to 100,000 white poppies. This has put a bit of a strain on our office and we know that some of you were disappointed that we could not get more poppies to you in time. This is unlikely to happen again this year but it is as well to order in good time.

The increase in distribution of white poppies is gratifying but after all the Peace Pledge Union is not aflorist andit is unlikely that you wear the white poppy as a fashion accessory.

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Tower of london
Blood red poppies pouring out of the tower built to oppress the conquered.

It was previously reported that the Peace Pledge Union had held discussions about the Government's £5.3 million initiative to enable two pupils and one teacher from every state funded secondary school in England to visit the WW1 battlefields on the Western Front between 2014 and 2019. This programme of battlefield tours is a part of the Government's plans to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. We met with one of the key organisers, from the Institute of Education, to discuss the educational work of the PPU and more specifically how the PPU could potentially contribute an anti-war perspective to this initiative.

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Barefoot Gen

VigilPeace Pledge Union and friends on vigil at St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Sq, London on August 4 on the 100th anniversary of World War One.

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Ben reflects on the value of talking about the resistance to war by WW1 conscientious objectors amid the clamour to commemorate, “remember” and commercialise the 1914-1918 conflict.

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film promo
Alicia Vikander who plays Vera Brittain in the film Testament Youth schmoozing with Chelsea pensioners at the films premier. We don’t know what Veia Brittain would have made of this banal publicity photo but you can read what she thought of Remembrance Day.

In July 2015 Maya Productions will premiere a professional theatre production of Barefoot Gen by Keiji Nakazawa at the Half Moon Theatre, London. The play is an English adaptation of the seminal Japanese Manga (Comic), which chronicles the story of an anti-war family, living in Hiroshima during the Second World War.  Told through the eyes of a young boy, Gen, this is a powerful and moving tale of a family struggling in extreme circumstances.
August 6th 2015 marks the 70th Anniversary of the dropping of the Atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima. Immediately killing 80,000 people and causing the death of tens of thousands of others from radiation poisoning, this remains one of the most devastating attacks on civilians that the world has ever seen.

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A lone white poppy at the Tower of LondonTower of londonOperation Peace Take was conceived as an anti war protest, directed at the promotion of the red poppy during Remembrance Day. | more

The return of United States-Russia tensions marks the end of the post-cold war and heralds a bonanza for companies eager to supply deadly new arsenals to powerful states. | more


May 15 International Conscientious Objector Day.
Launch of PPU's major exhibition about conscientious objection
Launch of PPU's new website Remembring the Men Who Said No
Commemorative event at the CO Stone, London
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THREE MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT3 minutes to midnight
"The clock ticks now at just three minutes to midnight because international leaders are failing to perform their most important duty—ensuring and preserving the health and vitality of human civilization." | more

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There are always questions about representation of the world around us. Questions which we the viewer probably do not ask ourselves often enough while viewing a photograph even in a gallery. The photographer may have one thing in mind but what the viewer may be 'seeing' is something altogether different. | more


We are working on a major project about conscientious objectors in the first world war and would be glad of any help you can give.

Do you have any memories of conscientious objectors in your family or amongst your friends?

Are you interested in finding out more about this forgotten history?
Could you help us track down the men who stood up against the war and the women who supported them.

If you are interested in the fascinating stories of the men who refused to be conscripted and the women who supported them please get in touch with us

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