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Regional Commission Report 1989 (translated)

The head of the Regional Commission on the Study of German War crimes made a study of the destruction of Jewish communities in the Jedwabne region. His report was published in 1989. He concluded that on July 10, 1941, about 200 German officials and policemen came into the region, under the command of a Warsaw Gestapo officer. They were 'acting in the operational framework' of the notorious Einsatzgrüppen, units (often including known criminals) formed specifically to slaughter Jews. Much of the Einsatzgrüppen's work was to be directed against Jews in the Soviet Union. In Jedwabne, notes the Commission head, a few Poles were ordered by the Germans to bring Jews to the main square and then escort them beyond the town. 'The Germans herded the Jews together beyond the town where some 900 of them were burned alive.'