Estimated Global Military Spending Since Jan 1,


Estimated costs to provide the following-

Shelter for every human being: $21,000,000,000
Eliminate ALL Starvation and Malnourishment: $19,000,000,000
Clean Safe Water for every human being: $10,000,000,000
Eliminate ALL Nuclear Weapons: $7,000,000,000
Eliminate ALL Landmines: $4,000,000,000
Eliminate ALL Illiteracy: $5,000,000,000
Relief for Refugees everywhere: $5,000,000,000
Stabilize Human Population Growth: $10,500,000,000
Prevent Soil Erosion Globally: $24,000,000,000

Annual Expenditure of the United Nations system: $15,000,000,000
Estimated Cost to reach the Millenium Development Goals: $121,000,000,000

For each person in the world, we spend $ 3 on UN programs and $173 on the military
Global Military Spending in 2008 could fund the United Nations System for 67 years
* based on Swedish International Peace Research Institute 2009 data
* figures taken from information provided by World Game Institute
* United Nations Budget 2009