‘The peace mural project was a wonderful opportunity for the pupils participating to express their feelings about war and conflict and their hopes for world peace’.
Siobhan Kevins, Teacher, Brecknock Primary.

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Guide to creating a peace mural 4

PPU peace mural – the peace machine

The mural on the front of this booklet is of a peace machine. The theme is of change and transformation: how to transform people and weapons of war into people and tools for peace. We are grateful to the children and teachers of Brecknock Primary and Kentish Town Primary Schools for these wonderful ideas and their hard work.

Military people and hardware enter one side of the peace machine and come out the other ready to create a more peaceful world. Guns are recycled into toys, tools and equipment for art. Battle tanks turn into fire engines and dull camouflage uniforms are transformed into bright civilian clothing. Former soldiers come out ready to build sports equipment for schools and take people from disaster areas on holidays on their cruise ships - formerly warships.

When one thinks of a peace mural one might imagine a scene which looks and feels peaceful – probably scattered with doves, flowers and rainbows – but they do not have to be like this. The peace machine mural is busy with action and with concrete ideas and lessons to be learned from. It hints that a different world is possible if we disarm and devote resources to living rather than preparations for killing.

Although it looks easy in the mural, transforming our society to one which works towards peace will take a huge effort. But the resources are there. The UK is the second largest military spender in the world and the second biggest arms dealer. Rather than preparing for war and arming the world for the same, this money should be ploughed into preparing for peace. We need resources for living, not killing, and for conflict prevention, not promotion. Only if we prepare for peace will we achieve peace.

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