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Over 200 million children women and men have been killed in wars and armed conflicts in the last century. Several times that number have been injured, bereaved and displaced. The start of the 21st century sees no let up in the cycle of premeditated large-scale violence. While all our moral and legal codes prohibit killing, today spending on war and the development of ever more efficient weapons, some capable of incinerating whole cities, exceeds $1.2 trillion. Millions of men and women, many of them highly skilled scientists and engineers, are engaged in war-related activities ostensibly carried out for our security. But instead of providing security, much of this activity actually creates tensions and insecurity. It also represents a massive drain on natural, financial, intellectual and human resources - resources urgently needed to reduce and manage the very real threats confronting us as natural resources grow scarce and the changing climate begins to disrupt existing patterns of living.

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