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As four and five-year-olds assault mature adults and older children attack each other for Pokémon cards, another study is published suggesting that violent videos make children more aggressive – only to be challenged by supporters of the alternative view that in fact such games are a harmless way of letting off steam. What’s going on?

Violence is a heavily-charged and deeply political concept. Its meaning, its causes, and ways to prevent it are all hotly debated daily.

Saying no to violence offers some enlightenment. This book looks more broadly at what ‘violence’ might mean, and suggests practical and positive ways for parents and teachers of young children to come to grips with this contentious and essentially complex issue.

Saying no to violence shows how, if we want a less violent and more peaceful world, we must develop a positive vision of that world. We need to provide our children with real hope that such a world is possible; and we need to give them confidence in their ability to contribute towards it. We also need to develop the nonviolent social values that can bring this new world about.

From smacking a child to bombing Iraq, at present violence is condoned and legitimised as a means of getting one’s way – never mind the cost or efficacy. Saying no to violence locates some of the influences which condition our values and our understanding of violence within the cultural, political and economic system. It encourages critical examination of how culture and society expose children to violence. It offers practical suggestions for activities (many designed for KS2) and related discussion/story-telling both at home and in the classroom.

The aim? To help young children, and their adult carers, to understand violence – and thus to work together for a more just and peaceful world.

'..the question of violence is not likely to go away. Saying No challenges the representation of conflict ... written for parents and teachers it provides background information and provocative ideas on subjects ranging from ethical investment to computerised war games.' Times Educational Supplement

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