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- Sassoon's importance
- Early experiences
- 'War on war'
- Statement
- Hospital and afterwards
- Afterword
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You can also read about Siegfried Sassoon in the following books:

Fiction based on fact:
'Goodbye to All That' by Robert Graves (Penguin paperback). This is a story of the First World War written as a 'memoir'; much of it is indeed a factual account of Graves' own experiences.
'Regeneration' by Pat Barker. This novel is chiefly set in Craiglockhart War Hospital, and has been made into a film. Sassoon's story is sensitively imagined and told.

Siegfried Sassoon's own highly readable memoirs were written as of a man called George Sherston (and at first anonymously). The first ('Memoirs of a Fox-hunting Man') has two final chapters about Sassoon's experiences in war until 1916. The second (Memoirs of an Infantry Officer') tells Sassoon's story up to his arrival at Craiglockhart War Hospital. The third ('Sherston's Progress') ends with the return of 'Sherston' to England after being shot. The first two books are published by Faber as separate paperbacks. There is also a paperback edition of all three together: 'The Complete memoirs of George Sherston', also published by Faber.

'Siegfried Sassoon, 1886-1967' by John Stuart Roberts (Metro Publishing paperback), 'admirably thorough and very capably written'.
'Siegfried Sassoon: The Making of a War Poet' by Jean Moorcroft Wilson (Duckworth paperback).

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