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Remembering War Searching For Peace examines how we learn about war and how we transmit acceptance of its culture to the next generation.

The documents, attractively designed and illustrated with photographs, are self-contained but can be linked as a single one/two term project. They are ideal for KS3 groups, working across the curriculum in English, History, Sociology and Religious Studies; but they are also attractive to study groups of all ages as worksheets and for project work.

Understanding Remembrance: the history and changing significance of public remembrance.
1. What is Remembrance Day?
2. Armistice Day: how it all began.
3. Commemoration: to mourn or to celebrate?
4. Flowers of Remembrance: red poppies.
5. Unknown soldiers: missing and dead, military and civilian.
6. Alternative Remembrance: ' dedication to a peaceful future'.
Understanding the Message: the role of propaganda in war remembrance.

Understanding the Message
1. What is Propaganda?
2. A World of Propaganda: the media and consumer society.
3. The Acceptance of War: cultural collusion.
4. Shock Tactics: analysis of an alarming advertisement.
5. Press Bias, and the white poppy.
6. Changing Culture: we invented war - can we invent peace?

Understanding War Memorials
Illustrated background information for project work.
1. Where they are.
2. When they were built.
3. A short history of memorials.
4. Different kinds of memorial.
5. Inscriptions.
6. Ceremonies.
Also contains notes, additional material and suggestions for projects/activities/research. Designed for both teachers and students, and readily photocopiable for use in the classroom.

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