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Pack and updates: Margaret Melicharova

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‘Contrasting case studies told in the first person lend a sense of immediacy, as the different voices of the different women speak across the decades.’

‘Issues such as women’s invisibility in history, politics and decision-making are clarified, but what I particularly .like about the pack is the help provided for exploring these issues at the points where they intersect with their personal lives....The presentation is particularly clear and the simple layout makes it possible to delve deep into complex and sensitive issues....I see no reason why it shouldn’t be used with all ages. I am really looking forawrd to using this pack with teenagers, as so many at this stage become aware of...issues of gender. Looking at these issues in the context of war and peace is an exciting challenge.’

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Half the world's population is female, but in terms of the world's history the majority of women have been invisible. In 24 well-packed, well-designed pages, WOMEN AND PEACE examines the history of women in the twentieth century, with particular reference to their roles in conflict situations. Ancillary workers, wannabe soldiers, long-suffering lovers, civilian victims, silent protesters, articulate leaders: in this pack's wide-ranging material the shift is clearly shown, as women move towards publicly questioning society's assumptions about women's status and the conduct of war.  A good deal of the pack's appeal lies in its human interest. With the help of background material, discussion topics, suggested research projects and creative activities, it is intended that teachers and students should feel they have got to know some interesting, often exceptional, women: an enlightening experience for both sexes. It is also hoped that students will be stimulated to deal with some of the issues these women have faced.

The pack has been written and edited with the needs of Key Stage 3 in mind, but, like most resource material dealing with fundamental issues, it can readily be used by many other learning groups as well. It costs ££5.00, but there is no restriction on photocopying, and there is enough material to provide a year's work (on the basis of ten sessions a term) for students of English, History, General Studies, and the numerous variants of religious educatio

There is a chance for on-line action, too: students are invited to submit their work for publication on thhis site, where updates and supplements to the pack are also available.

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