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Conscientious objection
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tribunal cartoon flash
Trials and Tribulations is the first worksheet looking at an individual Conscientious Objector, Carl Titford. Carl spent much of the war in prison for refusing to be a soldier. Investigate why Carl became a Conscientious Objector, and what would happen to him afterwards as a result of his brave decision.
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Discover what happened to Walter Hohnrodt, a CO from North London when he decided to say “no” to war. Investigate the way British people treated Germans living in the country, and take a look at some of Walter’s letters written from the inside of Wormwood Scrubs prison.
Walter Hohnrodt Worksheet
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defence Tribunal

‘Repeal the Act' ooks at censorship and protest during the war. Learn about how and why writing a leaflet could lead to prison and investigate the meaning of censorship in wartime with original material from court cases and newspaper reports.

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The Tribunal looks at the exciting story of an illegal and underground newspaper published from 1916-1920. The worksheet investigates censorship, protest and pacifism through the articles, design and even fonts used in the weekly paper “The Tribunal”.
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The Tribunal was the official paper of the No-Conscription Fellowship and was written to inform the public about the Military Service Act and the Conscientious Objectors who fell foul of it.
Read the monthly reports. Copies of The Tribunal canbe inspected at PPU


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- The Men Who Said No
- Conscientious Objection
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Refusing to kill
Ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances can show us that even in the darkest of times it is possible to resist the call to war.
Refusing to Kill tells the stories of men who in the First World War resisted the propaganda, the peer pressure and the full and sometimes brutal force of the state and refused to take part in war: the killing of strangers - of men like themselves.
Ideal for use in class with a range of supplementary teaching and study notes.

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