Conscientious objectors who died as a result of their treatment.
* indicates those who died in prison

Allen, Peter (Nelson)
Allen, Tom (Nelson)
Allen, Water G., (New Southgate)
Barlow, A. (Mansfield, Woodhouse)
Battenham, F. (Downham Market)
Benyon, H. (Swansea)
*Bone, Walter (Birkenhead)
Bowden, F. (Oldham)
Brentnall, A. G. (London)
*Bridle, O. S. (Brighton)
Brightman, H. (Camden Town)
*Burns, W. E. (Failsworth)
*Butler, A. (Stockport)
Cainey, Thomas (Manchester)
Campbell, N. A. (Glasgow)
*Campbell, P. (Isle of Skye)
Cobb. C. J. (Croydon)
Crosby, Ernest (Liverpool)
Dardis, G. H. (Risca)
Deller, L. (West Brompton)
Dunbery, P. (Blackburn)
England, E. (Leeds
Eungblut, A. (London)
Evans, J. (Cardiff)
Evans, R. G. (Reading)
Firth, H. W. (Norwich)
*Gillane, P. L. (London)
Gouldsborough, H. (Blackburn)
Hall, Percy (Old Dalby)
Haston, H. (Chesterfield)
Henderson, A. (Dundee)
Hirst, H. M. (Stalybridge)
Hoad, H. (Chard Sutton)
Hooper, R. (Bradford)
*Horton, A. (Manchester)
Hurley, W. (Camberwell)
Hurst, A. (Southwark)
Hurst, H. (Manchester)
Jackson, Theodore
James, A. L. (Kingston)
James, H. (Worcester)
Linscott, S. (Newton Abbot)
Malcolm, W. W. (Glasgow)
Marriott-Dodington, S. (Hereford)
Martlewe, A. (York)
Matchett, T. D. (Bath)
May, W. (Edinburgh)
Moss (Morley)
Mountfield, J. (Manchester)
Parkin, W. H. (Sheffield)
Parton, F. L. (Chiswick)
Peddieson, A. (Glasgow)
Phipps, H. (Harringay)
Richmond, Royle A. (Brighton)
Rigg, J. A. (Barrow-in-Furness)
Roberts, W. L. (Stockport) Walter died at Dyce
Rudall, A. (Newport)
Slater, A. J. (Glasgow)
Stafford, N. (Hyde)
Stanton, W. (Leicester)
Statton (Cardiff)
Swettenham, W. (Liverpool)
Taylor, J. (Silvertown)
Thompson, C. (Norwich)
Todd, G. (Willesden)
Wallis, B. (Newmarket)
Whilmore, P. A. (Coventry)
Whinnerah, G. (Barrow-in-Furness)
*Wilkinson, F. (Dulwich)
*Wilson, A. (Blackburn)
*Winter, J. G. (Cornsay)
Woodward, E. (Birmingham)
Zachnies, C. (Glasgow)