Shadows Crowndale Road London NW1
Paul Donnelly and Geoff 1987
Photographs from Hiroshima show that people caught near the epicenter of the blast left only their 'shadows' - ghostly figures on the blackened floor or nearby wall, having themselves been vaporised. This inspired the International Shadow Project to recreate these images as silhouettes of figures in towns and cities around the world as a reminder of the consequences of nuclear war. The figures at Theatro Technic are sandblasted onto the wall. 'Peace' is written in English, Greek, Turkish, Irish, Chinese and Bengali - the principal languages spoken in the area. 'For people at the Theatro Technic a peace mural has more of an immediate significance than the threat of nuclear war. Since the coup in 1979 Cyprus has been divided into two hostile camps. One day we hope to see a united and peaceful Cyprus restored.'