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Girlguiding sign

10 September 2018
Girlguiding takes backwards step with army partnership

The Peace Pledge Union has heard from a large number of current and former Guides and Guide leaders who are surprised and upset by the announcement of a new partnership between Girlguiding UK and the British army.

Army information stand in a school in Ayrshire

3 September 2018
Arms companies spending millions on influencing schoolchildren

New research has revealed the shocking extent of the arms industry's involvement in British schools. BAE Systems is producing materials for British children as young as seven, at the same time the company's bombs are killing other children in Yemen.

Peace pligrims on their walk

30 August 2018
PPU supporters walk 150 miles to raise funds and promote peace

Richard Barnard and Holly Adams raised funds for the PPU and other peace organisations during their eight-day pilgrimage from Kent to Northamptonshire.

Protesters challenge invading troops, 1968

21 August 2018
50 years on: Nonviolent activists remember Czechoslavakian resistance

Fifty years after Soviet troops invaded Czechoslavakia, pacifists are saying that the world can learn from the nonviolent resistance that followed.

Eurofighter on display at Farnborough

16 July 2018
Farnborough Air Show: The reality behind the "fun"

This week's Farnborough International Airshow is portrayed as "family fun". The vicious reality is that it glamorises warfare and also functions - quite openly and explicitly - as an arms fair.

Armed forces invite a small child to handle an artillery piece, Llandudno 2018

1 July 2018
Small children invited to play with real weapons on Armed Forces Day

Fears about the treatment of children on Armed Forces Day have sadly turned out to be justified. Children were invited by armed forces representatives to handle real weapons and to see such activity as fun and exciting.

Children handling armed forces weapons in Leicester, 2018

29 June 2018
Alarm over treatment of children at Armed Forces Day events

Local authorities around the UK have been challenged over the involvement of children in events to mark Armed Forces Day this weekend (Saturday 30 June). The Peace Pledge Union warned that the armed forces are increasingly inviting children to handle weapons at such events, with very few regulations over what is allowed.

Protest against Armed Forces Day event in Leicester, 23 June 2018

26 June 2018
Army calls out police against peaceful activists

In the latest sign of the army's inability to cope with criticism, an army officer in Leicester called out the police as he objected to the presence of local people holding an anti-militarist vigil across the street.


Protest at army recruitment stall at York LGBT Pride, 2018

11 June 2018
York LGBT Pride organisers criticised over army 'pinkwashing'

The organisers of LGBT Pride in York are facing criticism for allowing armed forces to march formally in uniform at the city's Pride parade. LGBTQ activists including PPU members protested at an army recruitment stall at the event.

Young soldiers in training

9 June 2018
Army targeting vulnerable teenagers on exam results day

The Peace Pledge Union has responded to the news that the British army is using social media to target 16-year-olds disappointed with their GCSE results.

Poster calling for release of conscientious objectors in South Korea

15 May 2018
South Korean president under pressure to release conscientious objectors

Events have been held around the world, including in several towns and cities in Britain, to mark International Conscientious Objectors' Day and to call for the release of imprisoned conscientious objectors everywhere.


Remember & Resist

14 May 2018
PPU supporters gather to plan resistance to militarism

People from around Britain gathered in London on Saturday for 'Remember & Resist', the PPU's annual conference. They shared ideas, learnt from each other and made plans for challenging militarism in their own communities.

Conscientious Objectors' Day in South Korea

14 May 2018
Worldwide events planned for Conscientious Objectors' Day

People around the world,including in many parts of the UK, are planning ceremonies, vigils, demonstrations and other events for International Conscientious Objectors' Day on Tuesday 15 May. They will support people imprisoned in many countries for refusing to kill, and to remember the conscientious objectors of both the past and the present.

US-led bombing of Syria

14 April 2018
More bombs won't help Syria

The Peace Pledge Union has said that the latest bombings in Syria by UK forces won't help Syria and will only make things worse. The PPU urged opposition to forces on all sides inflicting suffering on people in Syria, and offered support for people around the world working for peace.

Image of a soldier speaking to small children

3 April 2018
Williamson's military school plan violates schools' duty of political balance

The Peace Pledge Union has challenged new government plans to promote a "military ethos" in British schools, and to consider turning some schools into "military academies".


Daily Mirror report on abuse case

27 March 2018
Peace Pledge Union News

Latest news from the PPU, including plans for our conference and training event, the outrageous behaviour of the Military Police, campaigning students in Exeter and elsewhere, and the disturbing presence of militarism in primary schools.


Military training

24 March 2018
New abuse revelations show army must lose power to police itself

The revelation that instructors at an army training college have been investigated dozens of times for alleged abuse has triggered fresh calls for the armed forces to lose their power to maintain their own police forces and run their own criminal trials.

Bulford Military Court

19 March 2018
Trial collapses after army neglects investigation into alleged abuse of teenage boys

Court-martial proceedings have collapsed following revelations that the Military Police made no arrests for more than two years after 16- and 17-year-old recruits made allegations of abuse by army instructors.

PPU presence at protest against UK support for Saudi Arabia

7 March 2018
"Butcher of Yemen" met by protests

The Peace Pledge Union has joined with other peace and human rights groups to protest against Theresa May's invitation to the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. The prince is a leading buyer of British weapons and a key figure in the bombing of Yemen.

Young soldiers in training

11 February 2018
Army allowed to conduct its own trial of alleged abusers

As 16 army instructors face a court-martial for allegedly abusing teenage recruits, the Peace Pledge Union has asked why the armed forces are the only employers in the UK allowed to conduct their own criminal trials.

Protests against Saudi regime

7 February 2018
Protests against planned visit of arms-dealing Saudi prince

The PPU is supporting the Campaign Against Arms Trade and other groups in challenging Theresa May's invitation of Mohammed bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi Arabia, to the UK on 7-9 March. The Saudi regime is a major purchaser of British-made weapons, which have been used by Saudi forces in Yemen.

Knitted white poppies

7 February 2018
Collateral Damage: A new art project for Remembrance

An independent project, supported by the Peace Pledge Union and other groups, involves the making of unique textile white poppies. This complements the PPU's distribution of thousands of white poppies every year.

Army recruitment stall

10 January 2018
Army's new recruitment campaign described as 'misleading and desperate'

The Peace Pledge Union has accused the UK army of misleading potential recruits with a new recruitment campaign that promises emotional support within the army. 

Packing white poppies

22 December 2017
White poppy sales reach second highest level ever

The number of white poppies distributed in 2017 was the second highest in any year since white poppies were founded in 1933.

Alternative Remembrance Sunday Ceremony 2017

12 November 2017
Alternative Remembrance Sunday Ceremony hears from people suffering in current wars

White poppy wearers have held an Alternative Remembrance Sunday Ceremony only a short walk from the official ceremony at the Cenotaph.

10 November 2017
Theresa May accused of Remembrance hypocrisy as white poppy wearers plan alternative ceremony

White poppy wearers have criticised Theresa May for planning to lay a wreath to remember the war dead while pursuing policies that are fuelling war. 

White poppy wreaths

9 November 2017
Peace Pledge Union news: Remembrance special

A summary of the latest news from the PPU, as we prepare for the Alternative Remembrance Sunday Ceremony and other upcoming remembrance-related events.

Sam Walton and Dan Woodhouse

26 October 2017
PPU members found Not Guilty after attempting to disarm warplanes bound for Saudi Arabia

We are delighted that PPU members Sam Walton and Dan Woodhouse have been found Not Guilty of criminal damage after attempting to save lives in Yemen by disarming warplanes bound for Saudi Arabia.


White poppy wreath

16 October 2017
White poppy sales rise as British Legion criticised over exclusion of civilians

The Royal British Legion is facing renewed criticism over its refusal to commemorate civilian victims of war on Remembrance Day. Launching this year's white poppy campaign, the Peace Pledge Union (PPU) said that high white poppy sales in recent years were in part due to growing unease with the Legion’s approach.

White Poppies for Schools pack

15 October 2017
Pacifists refute claim that they are 'indoctrinating children'with white poppies

British pacifists have rejected claims in today's Sunday Telegraph that they are “indoctrinating” children by promoting white poppies in schools. The Peace Pledge Union (PPU) said that the claim - by ex-colonel and right-wing commentator Richard Kemp - was absurd and bore no relation to the facts.


Ministy of Defence

20 September 2017
Army's alleged abusers on trial for 'smearing excrement' in teenage recruits' faces

Seventeen sergeants and corporals in the UK army will face a court-martial at the Bulford Military Court in Wiltshire from tomorrow over the alleged abuse of teenage recruits. They are accused of smearing animal faeces into the mouths of 17-year-olds, forcing their heads under water and repeatedly hitting them.


Image of words relating to war and peace

August 2017
Peace Pledge Union enews

A round up of the latest news from the Peace Pledge Union

Memorial stone for conscientious objectors, London

31 July 2017
Government accused of sanitising slaughter on Passchendaele centenary

The UK government has been accused of airbrushing out key aspects of World War One history with its events to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the Battle of Passchendaele today. The criticism came as Defence Secretary Michael Fallon claimed that British troops involved in the battle had "fought to defend the cause of freedom".


No Pride in War protest

July 2017
Peace Pledge Union enews

A round-up of the latest news from the Peace Pledge Union


Dan Woodhouse and Sam Walton

4 June 2017
Methodist minister facing trial for criminal damage is cheered by pacifists

A Methodist minister has said he was acting on his pacifist principles when he attempted to disarm a warplane bound for Saudi Arabia. Rev Dan Woodhouse, from Leeds, said he had no regrets despite facing a trial for criminal damage and the possibility of imprisonment.


PPU supporters in Cardiff, 2017

May 2017
Peace Pledge Union enews

A round-up of the latest news from the Peace Pledge Union