The Tribunal Source Guide

These prompt questions are intended as a starting point for studying the sources in this pack. The general question list is included in the main body of the task. The general questions will cover the study and comprehension of these sources, while the prompt questions are designed to encourage students to develop their interpretation and critical thinking abilities.

Source 1: The Tribunal
This source is formed of extracts from the first month of the Tribunal. It is a secondary source written in the modern day. It shows the kinds of articles that The Tribunal printed, and the content of those articles.

Prompt Questions:
What kind of articles does the Tribunal print in April 1916?
Do any of these articles appear controversial to you?
This article was written in the modern day. Would the articles have been more controversial to someone living in 1916

Source 2: Censorship
This source is an extract from some of the Defence of the Realm Act legislation. It contains the regulations (Numbers 27 and 51) that the government used to try to shut down the Tribunal .

Prompt Questions:
What does “prejudice the recruiting” of the Army mean?
Is the source clear on what kinds of activity break the law?
Did the Tribunal break this law?
What kind of action does Regulation 51 allow the Army to take?

Source 3: The Tribunal Raided
This source is the issue of the Tribunal that describes the raid on the printers’s workshop. It is only one page long, much shorter than every other issue of the Tribunal that had come before (4 pages).

Prompt Questions:
What does the article say about the raid? When, where and how did it happen?
What happened at the Printing press? Was anything destroyed?
What happened at the Publishing office?
The article says “Evidently, what “the Tribunal” says is of no small importance” - do you agree with this statement?
Why is this issue of the Tribunal only one page long?

Source 4: Debate in Parliament
TThis source is from the “COs Hansard”, a publication which reported on what was being said in Parliament about COs. Both of these pieces refer to the raid on the Tribunal’s printers in the above document.

Prompt questions:
Why is the story of what happened in the raid different to the story in source three?
Why might the government deny that anything was broken in the raid?
Does this source discuss the arrests? If not, why do you think this is?

Source 5: The Tribunal returns
This source shows the differences between an issue of the Tribunal before and after the raid. Look carefully at the differences.

Prompt Questions:
Why are the issues so different?
The Tribunal clearly carried on printing after the raid - why?
How do you think the Tribunal continued to print after the presses were destroyed?
How do you think you would feel receiving the after-raid issue in the post as a:
  Government minister
  Member of the NCF
  Conscientious Objector