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red line
International Conscientious Objectors Day
15 May 2014 | more
Britain Declares war vigil
4 August 2014 | more

red line

objecting to war

Research into conscientious objection to military service during WW1 and fostering a deeper understanding of British society at the time
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The story of conscientious objection in WW1 From conscription to release
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for peace
People against the coming war
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men who said no
Database of WW1 conscientious objectors with snapshot of their expriences and social context
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Amongst the many stories about the 1914-1918 war little can be found outside academies or specialised literature about the men and women who objected to that war or those who, at considerable cost, refused to be conscripted into the armed forces and spent many years in jail. Our project focuses on these people and how they responded to the challenge of a society apparently enthusiastic for war and later grieving at its consequences.


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