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If you are interested in participating or helping in any way please tick the box/s below.

1. In order to build a fuller picture we need help with research. A wealth of information about conscientious objection in WW1 and anti war activity exists in local libraries and other institutions up and down the country. Can you help with this?

2. We want to set up a working group (primarily a corresponding group) to help develop the project. Are you interested in participating?

3. We will be putting our CO database online. Do you have the coding skill to help us with this? ?

4. We will be producing an interactive web based map of CO related places and would also like to produce a related location aware app. We can supply the information but need help with the coding of the app. Can you help?

5. Can you help produce - research/write - a variety of associated written material for a variety of uses? ?

6. We will need artwork and design for a variety of functions - from banners to exhibition panels to web based graphics. Might you be able to help with this?

7. Do you have some CO related material in your attic? Letters, photographs, scrap books etc - WW1 or WW2 that you can let us have for our archive or loan for us to copy? While various institutions hold material about COs the PPU's CO Resource Centre is the only such place which has the values of the COs at its core ?

8. Are you a teacher? Might you be interested in helping to produce teaching material - research, writing, using?

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From a series of postcards produced by and in support of WW1 COs.

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