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There are many ways you can participate in the PPU's work.


One of the simplest ways most people can help promote the PPU's work is to talk about it; engage in discussion with friends and colleagues and tell them about the PPU's projects and activities.

Today's digital social networks are an ideal way of sharing your views. Let your friends know about the PPU's work and point them to our various projects.

Writing letters to local and national papers raising issues (and mentioning the PPU where possible) as well as contacting the local radio are valuable ways of communication your views. If you would like to be a local media contact person let us know.

Dick Sheppard who founded the PPU 1923


The biggest obstacle to the distribution of white poppies is the lack of local publicity. Your help to publicise and distribute the white poppies in your locality would be very welcome. We can provide you with leaflets, posters and related material.


The PPU's website contains a wealth of information on a wide range of topics to help a deeper understanding of issues from which to develop your own arguments and to point others to as a source of information.

If there are specific topics that you think we should have more information on let us know.


The PPU's work is only made possible with the support of individuals like you. Apart from occasional grants the PPU is funded entirely by its members and supporters. You can help by raising money for our work thus giving us confidence to develop for the future. Whether it is by arranging fund raising dinners or picnics, getting people to sponsor you in some activites or remembering the PPU in your will it all helps.


We welcome technical help with specific projects and activities in the form of writing and research as well as graphic design and some web work. If you are interested and think you might be able to help contact us for more details.


Are you a teacher or have experience producing teaching material? If so we would love to hear from you especially if you might be able to help with the preparation of various teaching material. Contact us for more details.


We are collecting examples of material - adverts, packaging etc that use violence or representation of violence - in its promotion. Original sample ideal but digital copies also welcome.  If you would like to help with the development of a teaching resource on how the acceptance of violence is generated, transmitted and maintained contact us here.


Giving voice to those who resisted participating in war is an element of our work. Particularly during the forthcoming 100th anniversary of the start of World War One we will be telling the little known struggle of conscientious objectors and war resisters at that time. While we have a lot of source material in our archives there is much more to be known. We welcome any help with research of this topic. If you think you might be able to help let us know.


If you want to know about peace related meetings and other activity go to the Network for Peace Events calendar.