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Vera BrittainSchool sign in Sarajevogrieving parent

thinking about war and peace
- Kosovo reflections on attitudes and values
- Sanctions - how non-violent are they?
- Thinking about Rwanda - how, why and what happened
- NATO - should it have a future?
- Peace in the 21st century - how it can be achieved
- visions of nonviolence
- peace building in cyprus
- From punishment to reconciliation
- Peace making in the 20th century
- Preventing future wars - prevention is better than cure
- An end to war - moral and practical arguments

violence and the screen - TV, film, computers
- Media influence [war in Bosnia] halbrook
- Media influence [war in Kosovo] toffler
- Decoding the image
- Media and violence survey
- Kid's TV - preventing violence

readings on northern ireland
- Sectarianism
- Peace in Northern Ireland?
- Community politics in Northern Ireland

- Geneva Convention
- Genocide Convention
- Universal Declaration of Human Rights
- European Convention
- Convention on the rights of the Child
- Russell - Einstein Manifesto
- Seville Statement on violence
- Kellogg-Briands Pact

Vera Brittain
Vaclav Havel
Aldous Huxley
Martin Luther King
George Lansbury
Dick Sheppard
Bertha von Suttner
Aung San Suu Kyi
Michael Tippett

Albert Camus

Coming soon
Henry David Thoreau
Leo Tolstoy
Albert Einstein
Berttrand Russell
A J Muste
Dorothy Day
Danilo Dolci

e publications

Albert Camus - Neither victim nor executioner
Yvone Bennett - Vera Brittain - women and peace
Aldous Huxley - Constructive peace
                     - Pacifism and philosophy
Martin Luther King - quotations
Geoffrey Ostergaard - Resistting the nation state
Ronald Sampson - Society without the state
Dick Sheppard - I will not fight

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