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Since 1945 the USA has carried out armed interventions (in the interests of capitalism, US trade, and economic and political hegemony abroad) in countries round the world. The following list is roughly chronological. It is not inclusive. It leaves out, for example, a large number of covert operations, and other kinds of military activity, such as the war on drugs in Colombia and Bolivia. The USA has also trained military from other countries, and is the world’s biggest weapons trader.


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China/Taiwan 1945-49.
Italy 1947-48
Greece 1947-49, 1964-74
Philippines 1945-53
South Korea 1945-1950s
Albania 1949-53 and 1990s
Germany to the 1960s
Iran 1953
Guatemala 1953-1990s
Middle East 1956-58
Indonesia 1957-8, 1965
British Guiana/Guyana 1953-64
Vietnam 1950-73
Cambodia 1955-73
Laos 1960s–1973
Congo/Zaire 1960-65
Brazil 1961-64
Dominican Republic 1963-66
Cuba from 1959
Chile 1964-73
East Timor 1975-1990s
Afghanistan from 1970s
Nicaragua 1978-89
Grenada 1979-84
Libya 1981-89
Panama 1989
Iraq from 1990
El Salvador 1980-92
Haiti 1987-94
the former Yugoslavia 1990s

In the last half of the 20th century the USA supported oppressive dictatorships for political and military reasons in Cuba, Chile, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Indonesia, Iran, Nicaragua, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. It has given vast military assistance to Egypt, Israel and Turkey. US-trained death squads have carried out atrocities in many places, including Colombia, Equatorial Guinea, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Surinam.

In the 21st century, the USA is extending its military links and presence to Eastern Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania) and central Asia (Kyrgizstan and Kazakhstan, both of which have borders with China).




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