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Events shortly before and after the start of the First World War 

Archeduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Duchess Sophie
moments before their assasination at Sarajevo, June 1914

15 Anglo-German agreement on Baghdad Railway and Mesopotamia
28 Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria and his wife assasinated at Sarajevo by Bosnian revolutionary.

10 Ulster provisional government re-affirms Ulster’s determination to resist Home Rule.
23 Austro-Hungarian ultimatum to Serbia.
24 Edward Gray proposes four power-mediation of Balkan crisis, but Serbia appeals to Russia.
26 Austrians mobilise on Russian frontier.
- Irish rising in Dublin
28 Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
30 Germany requires Russia to cease mobilisation

1 Germany declares war on Russia; France mobilises and Italy declares her neutrality.
- German-Turkish treaty signed at Constantinople.
2 Germany occupies Luxembourg and sends ultimatum passage of troops.
- Russians invade East Prussia.
3 Germany declares war on France and invades Belgium.
4 Britain declares war on Germany.
- U.S. declares her neutrality.
5 Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia.
6 Serbia and Montenegro declare war on Germany.
8 British troops land in France.
- Britain and France occupy Togoland.
10 France declares war on Austria.
- Germans occupy Liege.
12 Britain declares war on Austria Hungary.
14 Russia promises autonomy to Poland in return for Polish aid 15 Japanese ultimatum to Germany for evacuation of Kiao-chow.
16 Constitutionalist army occupies Mexico City.
20 Germans occupy Brussels.
22 battles of Namur and Mons.
23 Russian victory at Frankenau, East Prussia.
24 Allies retreat from Mons 26 Germans cross R. Meuse and, 27, occupy Lille.
28 Germans defeat Russians at Tannendberg.
28 R.N. under David Beatty raids Bight of Heligoland.
- Austria-Hungary declares war on Belgium.
30 Germans take Amiens.

1 name of St Petersburg changed to Petrograd.
3 French government moved to Bordeaux.
- Germans cross R. Marne and
4 and occupy Rheims
5 Pact of London between France, Russia and, Britain against a separate peace.
- first battle of Marner,
9 German retreat in battle of Masurian Lakes, East Prussia, the Russians are driven back.
14 Allies reoccupy Rheims.
I5 in battle of, Aisne Germans withstand Allied attacks.
- German capitulation in New Guinea.
- bill suspends operation of Home Rule and Welsh Church bills for duration of war.
- U.S. troops withdraw from Vera Gruz.
26 battle of the R. Niemen.
27 Russians cross Carpathians and invade Hungary.
- Duala in Cameroons surrenders to British and French.
28 Germans and Austrians advance towards Warsaw.




Peace Pledge Union 1 Peace Passage London N7 0BT Britain