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World War One
Death's Men - soldiers of the great war. Denis Winter
The roses of no man's land. Lyn Macdonald
The Great War and modern memory. Paul Fussell.
August 1914. Barbara Tuchman.
From Sarajevo to Potsdam. AJP Taylor
The first World War illustrated history. AJP Taylor
Voices prophesying war. I.F.Clarke
The pity of war. Niall Ferguson
Europe a history. Norman Davies

Memorials of the Great war. Alex King
Fallen Soldiers. George Mosse.
Sites of memory sites of mourning. Jay Winter
The silence of memory. Adrian Gregory
The missing of the Somme. Geoff Dyer
The Unending Vigil. Philip Longworth

The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry. ed Jon Silkin
Testament of youth. Vera Brittain
The Home Front. Sylvia Pankhurst

All the books below can be consulted in the Peace Pledge Union library

World War One (Britain)
Comrades in Conscience - the story of an English community's opposition to the Great War.
Cyril Pearce. 2001.

Conscience and Politics : The British Government and the Conscientious Objector to Military Service. 1916 - 1919.
J Rae. 1970.

War against War - British and German Radical Movements in the First World War.
F L Carsten.1982

The Abolition of War - the peace movement in Britain 1914-1919.
Keith Robbins. 1976

The Home Front.
E Sylvia Pankhurst. 1932/1987

The conscription controversy in Great Britain 1900-1918.
R J Q Adams & Philip P Poirier. 1987.

Conscription and Conscience
J W Graham, 1921[Quaker and pacifist account]

World War Two (Britain)
Challenge of Conscience.
Denis Hayes. 1949

Conscience Government and War - conscientious objection in Great Britain 1939-45.
R Barker. 1982.

Objection Overruled. David Boulton (ed). MacGibbon and Kee .1967.

World War One and Two (Britain)
Conscription Conflict - the conflict of ideas in the struggle for and against military conscription in Britain between 1901 and 1939.
Denis Hayes. 1949.

Troublesome People - enemies of war 1916-1986
Caroline Moorehead. 1987

A Question of Conscience - conscientious objection in the two world wars
Felicity Goodall. 1997

Conscription of Conscience - the American state and the Conscientious objector 1940-1947 Mulford Q Sibley and Philip E Jacobs. 1952.

The Story of Conscription in Australia.
L C Jauncey.. 1935

War & Conscience in South Africa: The Churches & Conscientious Objection.
Catholic Institute for International Relations/Pax Christi. 1982

Broader aspects
Broader aspects
War, Conscience and Dissent.
GC Zahn. 1967

Pacifism in the 20th century.
Peter Brock, Nigel Young. 1999

Pacifism in Britain, 1914-1945: The defining of a faith.
M Ceadel. 1980

On war and morality.
Robert L Holmes. 1989

Pacifism: An Historical and Sociological Study
D A Martin. 1965



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