Exporting freedom and democracy is a great deal cheaper than having to bomb people into submission and then after the war say that we want to help them come back into civilisation. I would say export your prosperity, export your compassion, your generosity, rather than the opposites.
Desmond Tutu

London anti-war demonstration

75 years working for peace
1934 - 2009

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So why, in the 21st century, with all our skills, knowledge and resources, are we still waging war?

Lack of political will to implement internationally agreed disarmament initiatives.

Arms sales fuel tensions, contribute to instability and impoverish recipient countries. On the other hand the multi-billion pound arms industry, its workersand shareholders profit handsomely from war and its consequences.

Human rights abuses, often underpinned by British arms, create a climate of alienation. Frustration easily breeds violence which in turn leads to further abuse, which completes the circle of violence.

So what, in the 21st century, with all our skills, knowledge and resources, can we do to make war obsolete?

Promote a respect for human rights by example, not by force.

Dismantle nuclear weapons and reallocate resources to peace-building, conflict prevention and non-violent diplomacy.

Relocate resources from military research (30% in the UK) to non-damaging and life enhancing technologies.

Promote a non-military approach to security.

Develop a coherent programme of education for peace, in which children and adults alike can discover that preparing to kill strangers or actually killing them is not the route to a better world.

Human security means individual freedom from basic insecurities. Human beings have a right to live with dignity and security, and an obligation to help each other when that security in threatened. All human life is of equal worth and it is not acceptable that human lives become cheap in desperate situations.
If this reflects your vision of the future, work with us to make it possible.

The ppu is already tackling some of the causes of war.
For example:
- our country-wide white poppy project challenges the beliefs, values ??and institutions that make war inevitable, and presents an alternative view of security and how to achieve it without violence.
- our education for peace programme offers a wealth of resources to promote a better understanding of the causes of war - it is not inevitable - and provide an awareness of the many alternative strategies to resolve conflicts nonviolently. War can be prevented.
- we are campaigning against the growing militarisation of education.
- our print and electronic resources range from CDs - Martin Luther King, Voices for Peace - through practical books, such as Saying no to violence: children and peace and Co-operative games, to a wide range of material on our website.

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