Through campaigns, educational activities and publications the PPU challenges the values and institutions which inhibit a creative and optimistic vision for the future. A vision that is necessary for energetic and sustained action for peace.
- promote non-violent action against injustice and non-violent
  methods for resolving conflict
- promote and distribute the white poppy as an alternative
  symbol of peace and a challenge to militaristic values
- produce teaching and study material about peace, war,
  conflict resolution, human rights and related issues.
- campaign for a voluntary ban on the advertising of violent
  toys and games on television
- work to raise awareness of the possible effects of ‘commercialised
  violence’ war/violent games, toys and computer games
- campaign against the recruitment of children into armed forces
- produce resources on co-operation and co-operative games
- provide a free information service to students
 - CO project reclaimes the lost voices of the young men who
  refused to fight