Remembrance Sunday 2017, Tavistock Square, London


White poppy wreath

Join us at the Alternative Remembrance Sunday Ceremony
12.00 noon, Sunday 12 November 2017
Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9HE

This is an opportunity to remember all victims of all wars, including civilians, members of armed forces and conscientious objectors, of all nationalities.

It is also a chance to commit ourselves to learning from the past, working for peace, challenging militarism and tackling the causes of war.

We will observe two minutes' silence and lay a wreath of white poppies.

There will be brief spoken contributions and messages from people who have experienced and resisted war in different parts of the world. Contributors will include:

Chloe Skinner, recently returned from working with Christian Peacemaker Teams in occupied Hebron.

Sam Walton, recently on trial for attempting to disarm a warplane bound for Saudi use in Yemen.

Information will be available about campaigns to resist war and to challenge the causes of war.

The event is unlikely to last longer than 45 minutes.

We will not glorify war nor sanitise its horrors nor glamourise the armed forces. We will remember all victims of war.


There are several other alternative Remembrance events planned elsewhere in the UK.


White poppies and leaflets