Remembrance Sunday 2012. Tavistock Square London

Peace Pledge Union Peaceowrks Peace Passage London N7 0BT

so up yours Karl Marx

some will rob you with a six gun
some with a fountain pen
Woody Guthrie

at this very second
there must be poets
everywhere agonising
about the state of the world
they always have
they always will
and their answers
and their answers
will always be
no better no worse
than those of
any saloon bar pundit
any choleric hack
any preposterous politician
any preacher plugged-in
to a promise of paradise
any spiv and shyster
with an eye for the main chance
and a conduit to the gullible

and those grim demons
War and The Arms Trade
disciples both of free markets
and the right of the rich
to be rich
won't give a stuff
about talk of the inevitable arrival
of peace on earth
because they know
what will always work for them
and their families
for ever and ever
world without end

I say dream on you demons
as Shelley wrote of us
assembled here:
ye are many
they are few

Remembrance Day, London

The batsman's betrothed

she walks around the boundaries late
beneath the plane trees by the gate
next the sightscreen betimes she waits
from habit or from sorrow

one summer in the grass she lay
while bowlers toiled & he made hay
what if my man be called away
she thought & feared tomorrow

he was she paled the season died
a letter came she cried and cried
widow am i before a bride
i've lost my dashing fellow

she walks around the boundaries late
beneath the plane trees by the gate
where the hedge row begins to plait
the briar with the willow