Author: Clive Baulch, Mildred Masheder, Judith Holland, Maggie Freake
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DESCRIPTION: Co-operative Games combines theory with many practical examples and easy ready-to-use lesson plans. The authors advocate co-operative games and activities for children not simply because they are good fun, although fun is one of their most valuable elements, but because the whole practice of co-operation is based on sound educational principles.

In school the 'hidden curriculum' is more likely to promote an ethos of competition which is seen as providing the necessary motivation for learning. Co-operative Games challenges this theory of motivation and argues that it is the thwarting of children's spontaneous curiosity and interests by inappropriate and irrelevant learning, which they often resist, that sets up the 'carrot and stick' relationship with people around them.

The theoretical arguments are well balanced with over forty games for indoor and outdoor use, arranged in four practical lesson plans, best suited for 6-11 year-olds but able to be used for all ages. Essential reading for all concerned with education and upbringing of young children.

Playing Games
Educational Value of Co-operative Games
Co-operative Learning
Lesson Plans
A Teacher's Experience
Why Use Co-operative Games
Notes on Managing Games
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