loking through the violence
AUTHOR: Ed. Bill Hetherington
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DESCRIPTION: Examines the physical nature of the conflict and the pacifist reaction to it. It also looks at democracy and the individual, at militarism and politics, at the technology of social control and conscientious objection within the British army, and at Irish neutrality.

'What is necessary in Northern Ireland is that people are enabled to travel down a road together where they are able to hold on to the positive aspects of their identities while accepting compromise and co-operation - without being made to feel that they are traitors,', argues one of the authors.

Published in 1992 simultaneously with Northern Ireland: Nonviolent Perspectives, both contain still relevant and challenging material in the attempt to understand today's developments

Introduction: William Hetherington
The Price of Peace: Ciaran McKeown
Looking through the Violence: Norman Lockhart
State of War: the Dawn Collective
Human Rights: Mary O'Rawe
The technology of militarism: William Hetherington
We weren't peacekeeping: Michael Biggs
A case for removal: Des Wilson
Terrorism and resistance: William Hetherington
Irish Neutrality: Adi Roche
Doing Something Constructive: Will Warren
Peacemaking in Northern Ireland: Denis Barritt
How can we co-operate?: Rob Fairmichael