nonviolent perspectives
AUTHOR: Ed. Bill Hetherington.
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DESCRIPTION: Simple and reliable information about the history and background of the conflict. It examines the deeply rooted divisions within Northern Ireland society which have led to the conflict in which over three thousand people have been killed since 1969. On the other hand there are glimmers of hope ending with the comment: 'We are all part of the problem and potentially part of the solution'. Published in 1992, it remains useful background for understanding current developments.

The format of the pamphlet is a series of articles by several authors, most of them previously published within the British or Irish pacifist movement.

Reflections on Irish History, William Hetherington
Ireland in the Twentieth Century, Sean Murphy
The Civil Rights Campaign, Bob Overy
The Anglo-Irish Agreement, Denis Barritt
What a State! the Dawn Collective
Destructive Social Attitudes, Norman Lockhart
Integrated Education, Elizabeth Benton
Identity and Community, Drumcree Faith & Justice Group
Who is in Control? Des Wilson
A View from Southern Ireland, Moira Woods
Paradigms for Change? Mari Fitzduff
Violence and Nonviolence, Rob Fairmichael