The Peace Pledge Union Story 1934 - 2009
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The idiocy that was the 1914-1918 war brought many peace groups into being in the years that followed. The desire for peace or rather the avoidance of war was palpable across political and class lines.

By the late 30s disillusionment began to set in within the wider peace movement, which failed to make any headway in persuading the government to move towards disarmament. The PPU was not immune to this mood though for many its appeal for personal commitment to peace made increasing sense as the drumbeat of war could be faintly heard from across the channel. For a short time before the final declaration of war the PPU's membership, unlike that of other peace groups, grew.

The difficulty for the PPU and for other peace groups then and now lay in translating popular opinion against war into something that might affect government policy not least because of the militaristic culture and a powerful military lobby whose links with government were firmer and closer. In this respect little has changed and militarism is once again on the march and the PPU continues as it has done one way or another since 1934 to bring to a wider awareness the key signposts and obstacles to a less warlike world.
Swimming against the tide tells the story of one group of people who challenged the belief that organised killing of fellow human beings is a just and moral project.
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