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What you can do
Well, you can wear a white poppy and you can also help to publicise and distribute white poppies in your area. You can, as some people and groups have done, send white poppies to local councillors with a message encouraging them to introduce a non-military peace message into local Remembrance ceremonies; you can also send white poppies to your local MP, the Prime Minister or Secretary of State for ‘defence’. You could arrange to lay a wreath of white poppies at the local War memorial jointly with other groups and let the local media know what you are doing and why.

Many schools now take the white poppies and use our remembrance-related teaching material. You might consider, as some local groups do, distributing these packs to schools in your area. If you are involved with a school, see if the head will let you sell white poppies in the school (many sell red poppies). Encourage the school to debate the issues involved. An increasing number of churches are also taking up the message of the white poppy.

You might also consider planting a tree for peace and remembrance at Remembrance time.

Whatever you do let us know about it so that we can share this others.

Your support for our work whether as a one off donation or a regular donation, would also be welcome and of course we would be pleased if you joined us and added your voice to the politics of nonviolence.