What it is: In politics and diplomacy this refers to the efforts made by one person or group to persuade another person or group to trust them and their intentions.

What it means: This can usually only be successful if the efforts are sincere and shown to be sincere, and if nobody on either side deliberately sabotages them.

Think about it: A lot of everyday life is packed with politics: not only government politics but also the politics of the family, of the workplace, of one-to-one relationships. Film and drama and soap opera scripts are packed with people saying 'Trust me!' 'Why don't you trust me?' 'I just can't trust you any more'. We're asked to trust politicians - and product-marketers. We're asked to trust scientific experts  - and people who give the order to go to war. Trust has high value, and a high profile. But have people stopped treating it with respect by using it as a tool of persuasion and propaganda?