Peace Studies is a discipline that seeks to understand war and peace, violence and non-violence, conflict and conflict transformation, and that looks for ways to promote human well-being through this understanding.

While many academic disciplines regard war and peace, violence and non-violence, conflict and conflict transformation as important aspects of human social life, Peace Studies is the only one that puts them at the centre of its study.

Peace Studies is one of a number of emerging disciplines that explicitly regards certain conditions as problematic and commits itself both to understanding and to changing these conditions. Just as Women's Studies regards male domination as problematic, and Environmental Studies regards some kinds of environmental destruction as problematic, Peace Studies regards war and certain kinds of violence as problematic.

Peace Studies is an engaged discipline. This means that the student of Peace Studies will be encouraged to become engaged in practical action in society and to relate this action to what is learned in the classroom. Practical action is crucial to the student's learning and to the empowerment of the student as an agent of change.

Details of some peace study courses in Britain can be found here.